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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 12, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the bar. police say the students were so intoxicated they couldn't give detectives an accurate account of that attack. >> in short, the thirsty turtle has become an attractive nuisance. >> based on what you know now, chief, if you had your way, would you close the thirsty turt snell. >> sure. >> shut it down? >> shut it down. >> reporter: detectives at the thirsty turtle bar retrieving videotape from security cameras as they try to hunt down a suspect in this quadruple stabbing. >> 1:30 this morning, a fight inde the thirsty turtle. five guys, three students, two nonstudents. they all get tossed out of the bar. it didn't end there, they end up on baltimore avenue and knox
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road. the fight continues on, when one of the nonstudts pulls out a knife, stabs the three students. he even stabs his bar buddy, the other nonstude. then he takes if off. major robert liberati is a commander with the prince georges county police. >> they we involved with the fight inside and outside. it was just a fist fight that went bad when this person pulled out a knife. >> and the person who pulled out a knife not only cut the three students, but cut a friend of his that he met in the bar? >> that's correct. >> everydy drink something. >> absolutely, everybody was intoxicated and that's also a bringing issue for us to deal with today. >> and those three students were underage? >> that's correct. >> dave mitchell says he used undercover, underaged students to test the carding policy at the door of the thirsty turtle. he said the bar didn't pass.
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>> they were asked for their maryland driver's licenses, which they had. they clearly demonstrated they were under 21. it seems as though those standing at the door, one of whom by the way was the owner, were very interested in taking the money. the money was taken, they were admitted inside. >> reporter: the chi says he's pushing for an emergency hearing to go after the thirsty turtle liquor license. as for the ictims, three wh have been treated and released, the fourth is expected to be released from the hospital this evening. jim, back to you. >> thank you, pat. there breaking news in the jet ski murder at the mexican border, nbc news reports the lead investigator in that case has been murdered and his severed head has been delired to authorities in mexico. that word comes from the sheriff
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of zapata county, texas. he's been running this investigation on the u.s. side of the border. it w late last month when pirates attacked an american couple as they jet skied on the xican side of the lake. the woman escaped but her husband was shot in the head and presumed dead. his family has been pressing mexican authorities to recover his body. what was a woman doing on i-270 when she was struck and killed. she was struck and killed by a car and bus. no charges were filed against the drivers. this is the latest in a series of deadly pedestrians accidents in our area. today local andederal transportation officials called for an increase in pedestrians safety and awareness. >> you have to pay attenti when you're walking or riding or driving. if we do that, we willave a lot of heartbreak, we will save injuries. and we will probably save some
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lives. >> following their call for more awareness, trmgs officials held a series of safety demonstrations here outside the department of transportation in southeast washington. >> police say a serial burglar may have struck again in fairfax county. a woman reported cash stolen from her purse in the vien area overnight. police found at least one other home with evidence of an attempted break-in. these crimes may be related to some 90 other robberies and attempted robberies in fairfax county. you may call it meter wars in old town alexandria, where merchants are complaining that a hike in parking rates is hurting their business. it all began in july when alexandria rsed their metered parking from $1 to $1.75 an hour. >> hi, jim. business owners want to be clear. they understand why therates had to go up, the problem is, they say, the only way to pay at these meters is by using coins.
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>> for those who use old town alexandria's parking meters, they're not being nickelled and dimed to death. they're being dimed and quartered to death. since the city raised the hour fee to $1.75 an hour. >> i go to the bank and get $10 worth of quarters because i've paid hdreds of dollars in parking tickets. >> she's not alone. the meters only take coins, something that has not gone unnoticed by local businesses. >> the problem is, who carries $3.50 for two hours in their car. you'd have to carry $10 worth of quarters as a business we have to con stan thely keep 30, 40, $50 worth of quarters in our register to accommodate hour clie clients.
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>> reporter: city officials say they are replacing these decades old coin parking meters with new machines that will take dollar bills and credit cards, that's not expected to happen until the spring of 2011. in the meantime, businesses are seeing fedup customers. they want the city tooll back the hourly rates until the multispace meters come in. >> we've all noticed a change in our retail, people are shopping elsewhere, where they don't have to invest $1.75 an hour in quarters. >> reporter: business owners plan to take thei concerns to city hall. the mayor says they'll get a sympathetic ear, but the meter move could cost the city $1 million in revenue. >> we're going to do the right thing and make this a win-win for not only our business community which we're committed to supporting and wanting to do well financially during tse hard economic times as we're approaching the holiday season,
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we want to encourage local residents to come to alexandria >> business owners plan to ask for the meter role back tonight when the city council holds its gular meeting. >> jane watrell, thank you. mark your calendars, december 19th is the target date for changes to metro smart trip card program. here's the latest recomndation on the table. sell the smart trip card for $5. have it come proaded. another change, allow riders with negative balance to leave a station. earlier this year, metro talked about doing away with that policy. two metro stations are back in biness today after holiday repair work shut down service over the weekend. farragut west got a track overhaul in the wake of last year's deadly red line crash. tunnel water leaks were also plugged. e station's reopened as planned this morning, 5:00. orange and blue line closures
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are expected early next month. officials in the district have given the green light for filming to continue on the transformers three movie. filming was suspended after yesterday's crash that involved a d.c. police cruiser and one of the film's cars. the officer was responding to an emergency at the time of the crash, today crews are setting up for a scene that involves pyrotechnics. pennsylvania avenue between 3rd and constitution will be shut down for filming starting at 6:30 tonight. a fun fact we learned today, there are four backup bumble bees to save the day. >> we were a little concerned. can you say so long to the sunshine a the 80 degree temperatures. >> yes. it is going to be a little crisp out there, right, doug? >> yeah, weave seen some fantastic weather over the last four days, but that is going to come to an end very, very
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quickly. and actually, things are starting to change outhere right now. the cloud cover you're seeing out there right now. that's the frontal boundary. temperatures currently sitting at 80 degrees over mostly sunny skies. we're starting to see clouds to the north of the district. humidity at 41%. winds out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour. the northwesterly wind will start to cool us down. 79 right now in frederick. look at culpepper, still warm there, quantico around 81. frericksburg was around 84-85 degrees. for the most part it's dry, a few showers to the east of the area. 66 by 9:00, cooling down quickly to 52 by the time you're waking up and stepping out the door around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. most areas in the suburbs will be down into the lower to middle 40s. more cnges in the forecast. > right now, the first of 33 trapped miners are about to be pulled to the surface.
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rescue efforts are expected to begin in two hours. crowds of family members are staying at a site pegged camp hope. they were spotted the this morning getting ready for their loved one's arrival. the miners have been living under ground now for two months. they'll be raise to freedom one by one in a two-hour process. still ahead, it's a right of passage for teenagers, are parents doingnough to teach the kids the rule of the road? >> stop, hit the brakes. >> they completely ran a red light. the eye opening results of a new aaa study you won't want to miss. a shocking sex test given to local middle schoolers. wait until you see some of the things they were asked and what parents are seeing about it tonight. it's been three years since this historic local landmark was destroyed by fire. now it's restored, and wee going to give you a glimpse inside. i'm bob ehrlich.
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'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago: dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enoh jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellentchools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running -- to make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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a fast forward through the headlines, the unersity of maryland police chief wants a college bar shut down after violence erupted there last flight. four people including three students were stabbed on campus after an argument that began at the thirsty turtle. police tell us they were highly
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intoxicated. no arrests have be made in the stabbings. shops and restaurants in old town alexandria say new parking meter prices are hurting thei business. the problem is not the cost, but the fact that the parking meeters are outdated. business owners say customers are forced to carry pockets full of change and often feel rushed to get out quickly. the city plans to install newer multispot meters starting next spring. the camerasre once again rolling on the new transformers 3 movie. a d.c. police cruiser was responding to a call and collided with bumble bee, one of the main transformers' vehicles. dour doug, that's your favorite aracter, right? >> right. one of the characters for the autobots was there.
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>> he's waiting for transformers 3. >> 1 and 2 were good. i'm so happy they're filming it there. better weather to come this evening, but then that's about it, you guys said you're ready for cooler air? here you go. it's going to get a lot cooler out there over the next 24 to 48 hours. plenty of sunshine out there, cloud cover making its way from a frontal boundary, still beautiful, 80 degrees curntly. winds out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour, not bad outside at all. 84 in culpepper and out toward salisbury 78 degrees. what are we seeing on the radar? nothing, there's a couple owers and thunderstorms well into the east. that frontal boundary for us has been on the dry side. that's some good news. we may see at least one or two storms pop up, so far so good, we're not seeing any storminess, that's going to lead to nice conditions for tonight. high pressure to the north, area
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of low pressure off to our east. and other area of low pressure off to our west. this is what we're going to be watching for the day thursday. this area of high pressure is what we'll see affect us during the day tomorrow we're going to see big changes. this is why. here's our cold front coming through right now. we'll see it sag down to the south overnight tonight. that will allow this area of high pressure move in. it will be much cooler tomorrow as temperatures fall into the 60s, which is where they average this time of year. as the area of high pressure begins to move out. here comes the area of low pressure from the west. it's going to move toward the coast, and become a coastal storm d really develop here. the good news is, i think it's going to develop a little too late for us, for us, just some rain, maybe some wind on the backside. for pas of new england, a big time storm. this evening, mostly sunny, continued warm, a last night evening before things get really cool. 72 to 78 degrees as you wake up tomorrow morning. you'll notice the cooldown. 42 to 52 degrees. mostly clear and definitely
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cooler as we move through t day. much cooler, but nice for fall, and then, if you want it cooler, here you go. 63 on thursday, rain likely, maybe heavy at times. friday, chance a shower, 0 degrees for a high, but windy conditions as well. the wind will stick around for saturday too. >> what is it going to do to the color of the leaves? >> they'll start changing a little faster now and start falling off with this wind on friday and saturday. may have to get the rake out soon. >> it's that time. thank you, doug. it was 2007 when the georgetown library went up in flames, that blaze went to three alarms even refighting efforts were hampered when the hydrants did not work. now after a $20 million renovation project. one of washington's most recognizable buildings is set to reopen. >> the public will be allow back inside monday. tom sherwood got a sneak peak today. >> we lost the whole collection in the fire. and the fire staed just above
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the children's room. >> janie cooper is giving a tour of the georgetown library, gutted by fire in april 2007. it's tee floors of rooms are ready for new generations of children and adults, looking for books, new technologies. sporting new computers and video after a $20 million renovation. >> this is the space where you check your books out. >> a remember vague that preserves the historic look of the library when it opens to citizens on zblond i hope they will still recognize the library they have loved. many people tell me they used this library when they were children and they're still very happy to be here now. we have meeti space, the likes of which wve never had before. we had a meeting room before, but now we have a lovely space for both library programs and community meetings. >> from the drive way to a wheelchair ramp, the library is
5:19 pm
rushing to have everything just right for monday morning and to continue the 75-year history of the georgetown gathering place. >> all this stuff will be gone? >> yes, and we'll be ready to open monday. >> tom sherwood, news 4 washington. >> the spectacular georgetown library fire occurred on the same day that the famous easter market burned down on capitol hill. the market reopened last year. there will be a rion cutting ceremony monday to reopen the library. the easter market looks fabulo. still ahead, we have new details in the local murder for hire plot. what the court documents are revealing about the man who investigators say hired a hit man to kill his estranged wife. >> bob ehrlich mislabelled as a democrat on some flyers. she may look familiar to you. we'll introduce
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bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased statepending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and crease class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leer... we can trust.
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if y've been watching the biggest loser this season, you may be routing for one local woman sweating out with the other contestants. >> she's a school counselor and cheer coach in montgomery county. her appearance on the show is inspiring her students and entire community. >> compe in triathlons.
5:23 pm
i'm a spin instructor. >> if you listen to her workout routine, would you think that sophia franklin is at the top of her fitness game. why does this school counselor and cheer coach struggle with her weight? the same reason many of us do? >> i have an emotional connection to food. i can edate myself, work out until every bone in my body hurts. >> we're used to seeing contestants beat wn. these are the cheerleaders at clarksburg high school, sophia is their coach. >> it's weird. >> she was crying likee've never seen her in that state of
5:24 pm
mind, like acting like that. but we can see where all her determination comes from. >> reporter: not only is sophia making her students proud by sweating out each week, she's becoming their role model. >> she's trying really hard to get where she wants to b >> reporter: it didn't take a television show for al lead to know that. he was inspired during a 100 kilometer bike ride two years ago. he wasn't sure sophia was up to it. >> when she looked at me with her eyes very deeply, seriously and said, i started this, i'm ing to finish this, i knew that that same emotion would come forward through her process on the show. >>eporter: and regardless of how long she remains a contestant, sophia's colleagues already know she's a winner. >> she's been an inspiration to our entire community with her appearance on the biggest loser. >> tune in tonight to see if sophia makes it another week. thbiggest loser airs at 8:00
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right here on nbc 4. it's a lesson on the birds and bees, it may make your hair std on end. we have our hands on the questionnaire to show with you what 12-year-olds are being asked. a new controversy at arlington national cemetery. it surrounds what's being printed on the head stones of our fallen soldiers. > parentses are
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fast forward throughhe headlines, police are trying to figure out what a woman was doing oni-270 last night when she was struck and killed around midnight. she was wking on the southbound side when a car and bus both hit her. so far no charges have been filed. the lead investigator in the jet ski murder case at the mexican border has been killed. his severed head was left in a suitcase outside an army post in mexico. late last month pirates attacked an american couple jet skiing on the mexican side of the lake. u.s. officials have been pressing mexico to recover the body and investigate this murder. the georgetown library has received a $20 million renovation after the fire destroyed it three years ago. the histic building on witne
5:29 pm
wisconsin and r has been part of the community since 1945. they preserved the look of the library adding new computers and books along the way. the library will reopen to the public on monday. >> we're fast forwarding right through the month of october, right on through november. that's the way temperatures are going to act and feel like over the next couple days. right now it's feeling much more like july out , as temperatures have been into the 80s across the area for the last couple days. >> just a gorgeous shot, the sun beginning to make its way down. it's been very nice today. the thunderstorms we saw have not fired up along the cold front during the day today. we're going to see mostly clear skies tonight, just a few clouds out there from time to time, as high pressure continues to move away from the region. that's going to allow for cool temperates tonight. 52 overnight tonight in the d.c. area, 42 up toward the frederick region. it'soing to be cool when you wake up tomorrow morning.
5:30 pm
fredericksburg around 46 and highs tomorrow only in the middle 60s, we were at 88 yesterday, tomorrow a 20egree difference back down to where we should be for this time of year. more to come on that rain on thursday in a bit. a mogomery county man goes to court today accused of trying to hire a hit man to murder his wife. prosecutors say a stody battle is at the center of it all. news 4's chris gordon joins us live from district court in rockville with the developments. chris? >> rchard boyd, jr. is being held in jail on two charges. solicitation of murder in the first degree and distribution of a dangerous controlled substance. this alleged murder for hire scheme was revealed to police september 30th. by a confidential informant whose cooperation led to boyd's arrest october 8th, just last friday. >> he's being held in the
5:31 pm
montgomery county detention center. bond was denied for richard boyd, jr., charged with solicing an acquaintance to help him killis wife elizabeth, for a payment of 2000. and allegedly making a downpayment of $100, and giving the confidential informant five oxycontin pills. boyd would po a danger if he were released from jail. >> i think there were two concerns, one was the threat to the victim, who was the intended victim of the contract. and the second was -- as was noted in the charging document, ere is a confidentl inform an the in this case, and we want to make sure that that individual remains safe as well. >> court documents reveal new tax that boyd said whoever does the murder would have to use a silencer on a gun because other houses are close together. that boyd provided the confidtialal informant with a key, the addressnd that boyd
5:32 pm
said he would help once inside the house. kill his wife elizabeth. she was not in court forhe bond hearing, but spoke with reporters over the weekend. >> i'm working with the police, the detectives have been extremely supportive. so i'm thankful for that. >> bore the alleged murder for hire plot came to light, mrs. boyd had gotten an order of protection from the court, requiring her husband to stay away fro her. they were going through a divorce. and mr. boyd told the confidential informant he was concerned he would lose a custody battle and she would move away with their children. that may sound like a motive for murder, but prosecutors warn it is too early to speculate what the evidence will show in this case. ve tonight at e montgomery county district courthse, back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon, thank you. a d.c. middle school distributed a survey to
5:33 pm
students, pertaining questions about hiv prevention and sexual behavior. >> some of the itemsre too graphic for us to put onhe air, but the questions were given to 12-year-olds. john? >> reporter: jim and wendy, for the past eight years the organization behind me has been conducting these surveys for kids in d. public schools. typically the organization says parents are notified a week in advance before the surveys are given out to the students. we have learned at hardy middle school that did not happen last week. parents were notified the day off when the surveys were conducted. now some of the parents are furious, a they're wondering if seventh and eighth grade students are too young to take part in the surveys. students were given a controversial test to find out their sexual knowledge.
5:34 pm
some surveys were significantly more graphic. students were asked, how sure are you that you can name all four body fluids that can transmit hiv. w sure are you that you can correctlput a condom on yourself or your partner. metro teen aids said parents were given a form to op out of the program. parents and guardians we talked to were not aware of this until we brought it to their attention. >> they are mh too young to be asked those kinds of questions. i think if parents were not alerted ahead of time it is also an error. >> is it appropriate at this age? i would think so. i would prefer me as a parent to discuss it with her first. >> reporter: certainly a controversial subject. parents we talked to tonht were split. stay with us, coming upt 6:00 we'll hear from that
5:35 pm
organization and hear what they have to say about the survey, we'll also hear from d.c. public schools who mit the mistake happened. how parents were not notified a week in advance. >> john, thank you. police in fairfax county found the vehicle they say is involved in e murder of a local businessman. an officer noticed the gold lexus last night. they towed the car in for processing. last thursday a family member found the 61-year-old dead i his home. police say he died from trauma to the upper body. there's a new controversy at arlington national cemetery. the gre markers usually describe the war in which a veteran died, such as world war ii or vietnam. however, for afghantan it is operation enduring freedom, iraq, operation iraqi freedom. until september 1st when it was rebranded operation new dawn.
5:36 pm
some families say the war names are inappropriate and confusing. crics say those names amount to propaganda tactics as ways for the pentagon to sanitize those wars. families can request a new head stone and the request is often accommodated. there seems to be a bit of confusion about republican candidate bob ehrlich's affiliation. a publication by the league of women voters has incorrectly identified him as a democrat. the guide was published last month as a guide for candidates in next month's elections. the league has corrected the error on its website, but according to the gazette, there are no plans to pullhe 70,000 printed copies ehrlich's democratic cllenger is martin o'malley. still ahead, kfc rling out a new conoversial marketing campaign. how coeds are enticing people to
5:37 pm
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kfc rolls out a controversial new campaign. >> there's a new game that has
5:40 pm
somebody wondering who's smarter, humans or compute. >> and man's best iend leaves his mark on a wedding day. james madison is one of the colleges targeted in kfc's double down upons. they are paying college students $500 to wear tight sweat pants saying double down onhe rear end. the president of the national organization for women says it's an obnoxious way to sell unhealthy food. for the first time, a human player has lost to a computer in an official match ofapanese chess. the six-hour match took place in tokyo yesterday. three years ago, a similar c
5:41 pm
contest ended in a human victory. you always want your wedding day to be perfect, right? this moment was anything but. yes, there it is. it's been seen bybillions. the newlyweds were taking pictures with their dogs, one decided to mark its territory on the wedding dress. rewind. some women m have turned into a complete bridezilla, this one was all laughs. the video was posted on youtube last week and has already gotten more than 100,000 views. the views that that dog wanted was to make sure the other dogs see it. it's all aut leaving the mark and showing off. >> she's just lucky she's not a cat doing that. >> you ow it. still ahead, most teenagers can't wait to get behind the wheel. but are your bad habits as a parent influencing young student drivers? tom costello is going to join us
5:42 pm
live at what dashboard cha rahs reveal. >> those were scary scenes. the wizards back at the verizon center with a lot of new faces. a live preview of tonight's contest. coming up at 6:00 the first attempt to free those 33 trapped miners in chile is only hours away now. the capsule that they're going to use to bring them out of the mine has just arrived and we're monitoring the rescue mission live. we'll have the latest. a judge has ordered the military to stop enforcing the don't ask don't tell policy worldwide. you may never know what you'll find at a yard sale. one couple's
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
are parents doing enough to keep their teenagers safe behind the wheel? >> we have the pictures and auditoo. a new study finds parents should be doing more while teens are driving with permits. tom costello is here with the story. >> car accidents remain the leading cause of death for teenagers ages 15 to 18. the nonprofit aaa foundation wanted to see how well parents are teaching their kids who are driving with permits. to do that, they put cameras on dashboards. >> it's a split screen look at teenagers' first few months behind the wheel, from a missed drive way. >> i'm sorry.
5:46 pm
>> to a confusing intersection. >> you got a red light. >> and the parents who are supposed to be involved. >> there's a siren. >> what do i do? >> you need to pull over. yoneed to pull over. you need to pull over to the right! sorry. >> aaa followed 50 famili looking at how well parents teach teenaged drivers. >> it's a little bit of a blind corner. >> reporter: among them, chuck and his daughter who he may have saved from a very serious accident. >> stop. hit your brakes. >> what were they doing? >> they completely ran the red light. >> i didn't see it coming, just was there all of a sudden. it just snuck up on me, i guess. >> drivingis a mplex thing, takes a lot of stimulus input, reacting quickly and a lot of it is practice. >> reporter: the study's results were disappointing. while some parents offered lots of coaching. >> sometimes what you need to do when you're driving, look t
5:47 pm
cars or three cars ahead of you. to see what's going on. >> okay. >> reporter: many others were themselves distracted. >> bye-bye. >> i don't like it when i don't know where i am and you're on the phone. >> reporter: most teams had hardly enough time behind the wheel with mom or dad. >> on average, we saw that the supervised driving eerience was less than two hours a week. >> reporter: with just 20% of the driving occurring at night or in bad weather. hardly enough says aaa. >> stop, hit your brakes! >> that will wake you up. >> most states require 50 hours supervised time with a permit. in other words, 50 hours with parent before they get their full driver's license. aaa would like to see that raised to 100 hours on average. and they really want to see parents and kids practicing driving at night, driving in the rain, driving in the snow, and here in d.c., the ice. because those are the critical times when kids can have real
5:48 pm
prlems. >> some parents pay better attention than others. >> you noticed? >> being on the phone, yeah. >> distracted driving isn't a matter for teenagers, right? it's a matter for parents and a matter for parents who are trying to coach the teen, stay off the phonand pay attention. >> exactly. set an example. >> thankyou. we're now heading into sports and lindsay is here with more on gilbert arenas and the wizards. >> it's a new beginning for the wizards here in d.c. tonight. thjohn wahl era hits home as the team plays its first preseason game against the hawks. dan helly will be there down at verizon center to take it all in. there are a lot of new faces on the team. >> yeah. we just found out a couple minutes ago that gilbert will not be playing tonight because
5:49 pm
he has a stiff kne. it's going to be all john wahl tonight as he makes his debut. he'll be leaning heavily on kirk heimrick. he came over from the chicago bulls. he's been through this rebuilding process before, and says this wizards team definitely has the right pieces. >> we have john wahl, who's a number one pick. we have a good group of young guys, gilbert and josh howard and thornton when he gets back, myself who have played in this team and know what it takes. everyone's looking to us to kind of lead the way. it's a deal where we need to come out and do it by example every night. at the same time everyone says rebuilding. we're out here trying to win mes and compete. it's just competitive nature, we'll see what happens. >> they're going to try to win tonight against the atlanta
5:50 pm
hawks. the wizards sitting at 2-1 right now. replacing gilbert in the three guard starting lineup will be nick young. lindsay, wll have a lot more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, dan. you know, one of the returning veterans for this team is andray blatche who was really one of the few bright spots in the midst of a frustrating season. he says he's matured and is ready to be a teach for this young team. he still likes to have fun, he channelled his inner child and got a crash course from one of the hotspots in town, red velvet. >> welcome to red velvet's kitchen. before we start, you need one of these. i'm the pastry chef here. we make cupcakes all day long. we'll show you how we start from the day. we start scooping the cupcakes, puthem in the oven and we'll show you what we do after that. if you're uncomfoable --
5:51 pm
>> i'm ready to go. let's go to rk. >> stuff like that. >> what kind is tha >> this is a devil's food cake. >> all right. >> it may help your basketball skills. >> so far i'm 2 for 2. the whole crowd is quiet. coming out of the middle. >> you're going to feel a wave of heat come on, and th you want to do the honors of placing it in there. >> the whole thing? >> the whole thing. any wrap you want. >> this is behind the scenes. >> these are chocolate chip pieces. >> nice job, dray. >> right in the center.
5:52 pm
>> you're are smooth me are like a poodle dumping. >> i wonder if anyone would buy it if you put it out. >> hello, how are you doing today? i have my first creation today of cupcake, would you like to be the first person to try it? >> yes, i will try it. >> you want to try it? it's $200. it's $200. >> how about a hug? >> okay, a hug. >> thank you so much. >>he could have held on to that cupcake and sold it. he's no cupcake on the court, but he does eat them right before he goes on the court. i've seen him do it. he does, sometimes and no joke, he'll eat the red velvet ones. no problem, chowing down, get the sugar spike. >> no gilbert arenas this evening. coming up on news 4 at11:00 tonight.
5:53 pm
baby monitors are supped to keep kids safe, but now federal officials say there's a deadly risk with these devices. liz crenshaw joins us now with the latest. >> six children have died in the last six years after being strangled by baby monitor cords, one of those children died just months ago right here in d.c., 10-month-old savannah pierre. >> it's just shocking. you know, you try to do everything you can. and this is ironilly called a video safety monitor. >> there's a new warning tonight on baby monitors, i will have that story on news 4 at 11:00 this evenin this is a difficult story to watch, it's an important story for parents to see, because these baby monitors are put in these rooms t make children safe. >> isn't this the case that happened back in march, down the street from the mayor? >> rirkts there was a death and the nanny had run out of the
5:54 pm
house to try to get some of the security detail to help her to give cpr to the child. without any help. these parents are coming out now to try to say, let's tell other parents about this. d we'll have the full story at 11:00. still ahead, from bust to boom. >> the one sector that's diabetes testing? what else is new? you get the blood, hope it's enough, it's -- what's this? [ man ] new and improved freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, i'll try it, but -- [ beep ] wow. [ man ] yeah, that's the patented freestyle zwik™ design. [ man #1 ] it's like it -- targets the bloo targets the blood. yeah, it draws it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of onetouc®. ok. freestyle test strips. i'll take 'em. [ man #2 ] sure. call or click --
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at bob ehrlich says he wants to x maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutng education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust.
5:57 pm
hispanic business ownership is surging in our area. >> that's according to a newly released census figure. craig melvin with the types of businesses booming and why. >> reporter: despite a down economy, business for keystone constructi has never been better. last year they made about $25 million. >> we're looking to keep growing. >> reporter: the business is hispanic owned and nearly all of its 150 employees are hispanic. >> a lot of fellow latinos come from their home countries here with, backgrounds in construction. ithink that we're also -- natural fixer uppers, do it yourselfers. we come here with the understanding that we can make hey living doing his. >> there are more hispanic owned administrative companies. pa of the growth can be explained by the increase in the hispanic populatn in our area.
5:58 pm
but there's more. >> we have the education. we have highly educated hispanics in a growing population of hispanic clients or hispanic customers. >> reporter: from 2002 to 2007, the number of hispanic owned businesses in d.c., southern maryland and a part of west virginia increased nearly 54%. the number of other businesses increased just over 21%. gross revenue for hispanic owned businesses was also up a whopping 79%, to $7.6 billion. yvonne says keystone is working with a larer company to replace the facades on about 13 businesses. they landed a city contract and say groups like the hispanic chamber of commerce lp them.
5:59 pm
>> these are resources for smaller contractors. the only way they're goi to come up is if we keep supporting our own community. that's what we're going to do. >> it's a cultural thing. i believe that e hispanic business continue to strike and continue to grow. >> that is it for news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 arts right now with the effort to save the trapped miners in chile. a cusdy battle may be the reason for a man's accused -- that a man is accused of hiring a hit man to kill the mother of his children. a school test asking kids as young as 11 years d. sometimes their parents don't know it.


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